Cape Cod BBQ Grill Rentals

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue at your vacation rental or organizing a community event, Breakaway has the outdoor cooking equipment you need for your next function. Grill rentals are available in Cape Cod for events of all kinds. Our LazyMan Grill Rentals are perfect for homes without permanent grills or for those nights the entire family is coming for dinner. The X-Grill is Breakaway’s one-of-a-kind truck-turned-grilling machine with the cooking capacity to feed the whole neighborhood!

Learn more about our grilling options below.

LazyMan Grill Rentals: $175

If you have a private function and need a little more grilling power than your current back yard grill can handle, then a LazyMan grill rental is for you.

For $175, we will deliver your grill, typically the day before the event complete with a filled 30 lb tank (one size larger than the standard grill tank), and a complimentary lighter and cleaning brush. We then pick it up typically the day after your event. Same-day delivery and/or pickup may also be available depending on event timing and availability of delivery drivers.  There is a $25 deposit required that will be refunded if the grill is cleaned prior to its return to Breakaway.

These book up fast! Contact us with any questions or to make a rental reservation for your event.

Grill Rental

Grill Rentals on Cape Cod

The X-Grill

The brainchild of the “Dr. of Grillology”, Ken Foster, and brought to life by Gary Webb, the X-Grill began its life as an oil delivery truck for Hall Oil and the Oil Peddler on Cape Cod. It was modified into a mobile barbecue grilling machine with the best BBQ toys in the business. Breakaway knew it had something special when it was featured on The Travel Channel’s “Grills Gone Wilder”. This 16,000 lb rolling BBQ dream machine is primarily used for community events, fundraisers, charities, and other public festivals around Cape Cod. If you need a grill rental for a private party, please see our LazyMan grill rental options.


More about the X-Grill

  • Born in 1987
  • Ford LN8000
  • Fabricated by Boston Steel
  • Powered by 3208 CAT Diesel
  • Reincarnated in 2008 in South Dennis, MA
  • Weight: 15,780 LBS
  • Length: 300 INCHES
  • Height: 163 INCHES
  • Fuel Capacity: 50 gallons Diesel
  • Propane Capacity: 6,928,500 BTUS

Want the highest hot dog cooking capacity in the state? The X-Grill can do it. Need to make 1,000 hamburgers for almost as many little leaguers at a state-wide baseball tournament? Call in the big guns! The X-Grill was designed to handle the tallest orders and give you total peace of mind and capability when crunching the numbers for your feast logistics:

  • Hot Dog Capacity: 1,750/Hour
  • Hamburger Capacity: 1,000/Hour
  • Water Capacity: 50 Gallons

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Ready to start planning your next grilling event? Contact Breakaway to reserve your grill rental today!


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