Are Gas Logs Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a fireplace and considering gas logs as an option, it can be difficult to determine whether they’ll offer what you’re looking for and be satisfying. After all, there are a lot of options out there for fireplaces today. There are traditional wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, electric, gas logs, inserts, and more. Today, we’ll take a closer look at gas logs in particular so we can decisively answer the common question: are gas logs are worth it? Keep reading this blog post from Breakaway to learn how the answer to this question for many homeowners is a resounding yes!

Are Gas Logs Worth It? Learn From the Experts

Top Reasons to Invest in Gas Logs on Cape Cod

If you choose a gas log fireplace instead of a traditional wood-burning fireplace or other options, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Aesthetics. Modern gas log fireplaces can look like your perfect image of a fireplace burning wood. They can look like something out of a painting or a movie, forever. It’ll never have the dreary worn-down look a real fireplace approaches. Modern materials mean it won’t look fake like similar systems of decades past.
  • Convenience. Gas log fireplaces are much easier to use on a regular basis. This is because you don’t need to source fuel, clean constantly, or deal with fluctuating wood prices or availability. They also offer instant on and off, remote-controlled, capabilities.
  • Eco-friendliness. Gas logs produce significantly fewer emissions than actual wood logs, because gas burns more cleanly and completely than wood.
  • Safety. Gas logs produce less contaminants for the air of your home. They behave in more predictable ways than a woodburning fireplace, and don’t produce sparks and other fire hazards. There are no odors or smoke either.
  • Utility. You can get a gas fireplace started and enjoy on-demand heat, light, and beauty at the press of a button or light of a match. It’s far more convenient and practical as a system than anything that burns wood.
  • Versatility. Gas log fireplaces offer a lot of options today. So, you can find a look and feature-set convenient for the way you live no matter what you’re looking for.
  • No electricity required. As the name says, gas logs only need gas. They do not need any electricity to operate.
  • Many shapes and sizes. Worried that a gas log set will not fit the space of your home? There are all types of gas log set shapes, sizes, and designs to meet your needs.

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Who Gets the Best Use Out of Gas Logs?

You’ll want to strongly consider gas logs if you want the convenience and safety of a gas appliance over the unpredictability and difficulties of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. You might also choose it because it’s easier to deal with logs that don’t require ventilation for safe operation. This is an option with gas logs—and not at all an option with anything that combusts a solid fuel.

You might also choose them for the control over aesthetics you get. Choose any wood design, even woods that aren’t local to you. Enjoy them looking perfect every day instead of the random appearance of wood.

Since you’re already considering gas logs if you’re reading this, you’d probably find them more satisfactory than traditional wood burning fireplaces. This is because the only substantial strength of burning wood is authenticity to tradition.

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Getting the Most Out of Gas Logs

If gas logs are a good fit for your needs and preferences and you’re ready to make the investment, make sure your money goes towards high-quality products installed effectively by trained professionals. That means working with a heating contractor like Breakaway. They will know the intricacies of safely and effectively making use of a gas-based heating system in your home.

You won’t need to worry about wasted energy, dangerous poor ventilation, or unsafe gas lines with an experienced heating and gas fireplace contractor on the job. Don’t leave your safety, energy-efficiency, or comfort in the hands of non-experts when dealing with something that involves gas, open flames, and combustion byproducts!

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Contact Breakaway for Your Cape Cod Gas Logs Installation

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