Top Places to Bring Your Portable Grill on Cape Cod

Whether you’re considering buying a portable grill or already own one, you might be wondering how you might best make use of its portability. After all, while it’s convenient to be able to easily move a grill around your home, that’s hardly the full extent of the advantages you can enjoy with a high-quality portable grill. Today, we’ll look at just a few of the most common places for people to enjoy a portable grill with friends and family. Continue reading this blog post from Breakaway to learn more.

Top 6 Places to Take Your Portable Grill


Weber portable grill at a tailgate

Nothing helps take tailgating to the next level like being able to grill your favorite foods anywhere you go. No need to find a place with grills already set up or settle for portable snacks when you can settle in and start grilling sausages, classic burgers, steaks, barbecue ribs, veggie skewers, or any other meal you’d normally toss on your backyard grill. With a portable grill, you can park your car and set up your portable grill. You will be able to grill your meats to feed your friends and family before (or after) the game.

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portable grill used as a camp stove on Cape Cod

There are many great places in Massachusetts to go camping. But, you need to plan how to best feed your family and friends while you’re off the grid. Skip fighting awkward cooking tools or getting half-scorched half-raw meals cooked over a naked flame and instead enjoy the convenience of a portable grill the next time you’re camping. Of course, used in combination with other portable devices and meals, you can enjoy a full-course meal even if you’re not set up in a public camping area.


Weber portable grill used on a Cape Cod beach

The next time rumbling tummies threaten to send you fleeing the beach in search of food (or drive you to waste all your money on overpriced beach-side restaurants or stands), pull out your portable grill instead and have a nice fresh-cooked meal instead. Cramps from swimming after eating are a myth, it turns out, so you can feel free to enjoy whatever your grilled favorites are without worrying about the rest of your outing. Be sure you check the rules at your Cape Cod, MA beach to find out if there are any restrictions on grilling at a beach.

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Public parks

Weber charcoal grill used in a Cape Cod public park

As long as your favorite public park is cool with it, a portable grill is a great way to make visiting the park more fun as a group activity. After all, it’s easy to have people get hungry and cut your enjoyment short when you’re not planning ahead. Just like with tailgating, bringing a portable grill and your favorite ingredients, will get you ready to extend things while you enjoy nature a bit longer. Just be sure to check the rules and regulations of the park to make sure your grill is allowed.

Friends & Family’s Houses

Weber charcoal grill brought over to a friend or family member's house on Cape Cod

Visiting a friend or relative for a party, holiday, or simple visit? Want to show off your incredible burgers, your mouthwatering steaks, or your tantalizing shrimp skewers—but they don’t have a grill? Don’t settle for bringing cold leftovers that’ll be ruined in the microwave or oven. With a portable grill, that’s never going to be a concern again. Your friend or family member will thank you for offering your services, and your portable grill, as well.


Small portable grill which can be brought hiking on Cape Cod

Do you love to go hiking? I’m sure you like to prepare for how to eat during your hikes. Well, how about you invest in a small portable grill that you can bring with you? Then, you can grill food to keep you fueled and going strong on your journey.

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Making The Most of Your Portable Grill

Ultimately, a portable grill is about convenience. Enjoy freshly grilled foods anywhere and any place you can set it up and operate it safely. This is just about anywhere with flat ground and nothing flammable too close. It’s not just valuable for outings; use it when your party is just a bit too big for your normal grill or the grill of the family you’re visiting. Use it when you want to center your barbecue around a different part of your yard or property than where your normal grill is set up. The sky is the limit (literally; feel free to cook while camping in the mountains but you probably shouldn’t try it on an airplane).

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