How to Get Your Grill Ready For Spring & Summer

Is your grill ready for things to heat up again on Cape Cod? Sitting on the cusp of the spring and summer season, you might be looking forward to getting back to barbecue, burgers, grilled veggies, and more. But, before you plan too far ahead, it’s important to make sure your grill is ready to cook. There would be nothing worse than planning to use your grill and then realizing you it is out of commission. Don’t get to your first BBQ and realize your grill isn’t going to work.

So, Breakaway is here to help our neighbors on the Cape. Today, we will look at the steps you should take to bring your grill from winter hibernation to spring-ready in no time at all. For those of you who grill year-round, we commend you! But, this blog post will be mainly for those who store their grill away during the winter months. Continue reading this blog post for the guide to getting your grill ready for spring and summer on Cape Cod:

Top Tips for Getting Your Grill Ready for Spring & Summer on Cape Cod:

Start by Inspecting Your Grill

The first step to getting your grill summer-ready lay in a thorough inspection. You’re going to look over your grill, from top to bottom, so you can spot any problems that are going to demand additional attention, like parts to clean, parts to repair, parts to replace, etc.

You don’t need any particular expertise, fortunately, since we’re just looking for anything obvious at this point. Rust, spider webs, debris blocking things it shouldn’t be, holes or leaks, that sort of thing. If you’re unlucky, pests or plants may have taken up residence while your grill sat unused. For example, make sure that no animal has been storing food for the winter inside your grill. It has happened before. Also, check the integrity of the legs and wheels to be sure there are no structural issues. You want to make sure that your grill is still in good standing condition and will make it through the summer.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Grill

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I clean the grill at the beginning of the season?” This is the next step in your grill preparation. You’ll want to clean what you can inside and outside of the grill. You can start with the inside by removing any visible debris from inside the grill. Next, pull out the grill’s heat deflectors to clean them. You can soak them in soapy water or spray them with a hose.

Go ahead and empty and clean your grease pan if you did not do so before setting it aside for the cold months. And, if you’re using a charcoal grill, go ahead and empty out any leftover charcoal or ash from the previous season as well.

A Note About Cleaning Your Grill Grates

You’ll also want to start the season with clean grates, so give them a good blast with high heat for a bit, then brush them off—not with a wire brush, since you don’t want to risk leaving bristles for your food, but with a grill scraper. There are also brass bristle alternatives. A grill store, such as Breakaway, carries 3 styles of wooden scrapers and also a safety bristle brush in 2 sizes. If that doesn’t cut it, soaking them in vinegar and baking soda overnight might help. If you’ve managed to get them so rusty or gunked up that cleaning them isn’t an option, strongly consider replacing them for a better heating and cleaner grill marks.

A grill store like Breakaway has the parts that you need for your Cape Cod grill. Also, if you’d rather hire someone else to clean your grill, there are professional grill cleaning companies on Cape Cod. Ask Breakaway for a recommendation, as we do not perform this service ourselves.

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Fire up the Grill to Make Sure it Works

After you’ve take the previous steps for getting your grill ready for spring and summer, you should then fire up your grill and see if it works correctly. Does it light? If so, check your fuel lines for problems if you have a gas grill. you can coat the line with soapy water and see if bubbles form when the gas runs. If you see bubbles, you’ll need to tighten connections or replace the line for safety. This should be done by a heating specialist and Breakaway can assist you with that. We have grill repair specialists who can fix any problems with your grill to get it ready for the season.

If it doesn’t light, then you may need to get the grill repaired or replaced.

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Common Parts that Might Need to be Fixed on Your Grill:

You can ask your friendly Cape Cod grill store, Breakaway, for a repair. We have replacement grill parts and can come out for a visit to repair the grill. Depending on the investment you have made in your grill, sometimes it can be wiser to just invest in a brand new grill than go through grill repair. For example, if you have basic grill model, we might recommend upgrading to a newer grill to avoid future issues. In that case, the cost of the repair could be close to the cost of a new grill. Our grill service representatives can assist you and offer recommendations for your specific situation.

On the other hand, if everything is working correctly and you do not need any grill repairs, great! You can move on to the next step in the process of getting your grill ready for spring and summer on the Cape.

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Cleaning the Grill Exterior

After a Cape Cod, MA winter, your grill is likely to be quite dirty, especially if it’s left outside with the elements. It’s not as important for performance or food hygiene as the rest, but you may as well give your grill’s exterior a quick wipe down with soapy water while you’re at it, so it looks nice at your next cookout.

Checking Your Grill Tools & Accessories

The next step in getting your grill ready for the Cape Cod busy season is to check the inventory of your grilling accessories. Are they looking a bit worse for wear? Are you missing any grill tools? If so, consider taking the time to clean or replace them as necessary before the next time you need them. You should make sure that you have the following:

These are the most basic grilling accessories. There are more accessories to improve your grilling experience, which you may not even know about. If you are missing any of these items, come visit your local grill store in South Dennis or Mashpee. Breakaway will be able to help you find the right tools that you need.

Checking Your Propane Tank

If you’re using a liquid propane (LP) grill, it’s probably also time to give your propane tank a look. Do you need a refill, or even a replacement tank? If so, you need to get a propane tank refill. You can fill your LP tank at Breakaway’s store. Just bring the tank to us and we will refill the same tank and give it back to you. It takes just a few minutes. Give us a call at 508-398-3831 or contact us online for the latest price of an LP tank refill on Cape Cod.

Need a Grill Upgrade?

After inspecting your grill, you may realize that it is time for an upgrade. Perhaps, the grill has seen better days, or it needs to be fixed but the repair just is not worth it. Or, maybe you want to step up your grilling game. The good news is that there are a lot of great new grill models, from top grill brands, to choose from. Visit a grill retailer, like Breakaway, to go over your options.

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Visit Breakaway for Top Grills on Cape Cod

Need a new grill? Breakaway can help! Whether it is a new Weber, Big Green Egg, Broil King, Napoleon, MHP, or another top brand, Breakaway is your source for great grills on Cape Cod. We carry gas grills, charcoal grills, portable grills, electric grills, and pellet grills. Plus, what separates Breakaway from other grill retail stores is that we offer a full-service grill buying process. This includes grill assembly, delivery, and a new propane tank or natural gas hose. We’ll even take away your old cart-style grill if you’d like.

Don’t reach your first cookout of the year only to discover you’re not ready to deliver perfect BBQ to your friends and family! Get in touch with our team of grillologists today and we’ll guide you through the process of buying a new grill. Contact us online, call us at 508-398-3831, or visit us in-store in South Dennis or Mashpee to learn more.



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