Should You Repair or Replace Your Grill When It Breaks Down?

So, your BBQ grill is not working correctly anymore. Some common problems that Cape Cod grill owners face each year: issues igniting the grill, low or uneven flames, grease buildup, wobbly grill legs, and more. If you own a grill, you will inevitably run into one of these or other grill repair issues at some point during the life of the grill. When your LP or natural gas grill breaks down—and it isn’t just a minor issue like a bad connection or easily replaceable faulty minor component—then you will find yourself facing a decision about if you should seek out grill repair services or if you should replace it with a brand new grill. Continue reading this blog post from the experts at Breakaway for guidance on this question.

Should You Repair Your Grill or Replace it With A New One?

When choosing between repairing and replacing your grill on the Cape, it’s not as simple as saying one or the other is the correct option in every scenario. This is for countless reasons. That includes the component damaged, what else is wrong with your grill, what benefits would replacing the grill gain you, and so much more goes into the decision. Today, we’ll look at a few key factors in helping you decide what makes the most sense for your grill, your budget, and your Cape Cod home’s needs.

How Much Will Grill Repairs Cost?

The first thing you’ll want to determine when considering grill repairs or replacement is, of course, how much the repairs will cost. There are a few factors which go into the cost of grill repair.

First and foremost, the question of which component of your grill is damaged. Some replacement grill parts can cost enough in materials and labor that even if everything lines up right, it won’t be worth repairing on a cheap grill.

You’ll also need to consider grill technicians to complete the repairs—where they are, how far away they are, and what getting your grill to them or them to your grill will cost even before considering the actual repairs. Again, this can quickly render repairs unfeasible for less expensive grills.

Together, the cost of repairs of a grill can reach several hundred dollars in short order. If you do your homework, you might be able to get a more accurate picture of the cost for your particular grill.

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Should You Repair or Replace a Smaller, Cheaper Grill?

The size and price of the original grill purchase is a major factor in your decision to repair or replace. If you own a cheaper grill model, with an original store price of less than $500, repairing might not be recommended. As discussed earlier, the cost of repair could equal the price of the original grill. Or, at least close enough that it makes you think twice about repairing.

Even if you go through with the grill repair, your older, less expensive grill might become a money pit of sorts. If your grill is older than a few years, you can probably expect more repairs to be needed in the near future. As the grill is older, it is more susceptible to breakdown. In this case, it might make sense to just upgrade and replace the older grill with a new one, which will likely give you more years without incident.

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Should You Repair or Replace a More Expensive Grill?

If you purchased a more expensive, larger grill, then the equation changes. In this case, repair services make a lot more sense. You have made a bigger investment in your grill and repair services can be justified.

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Problems Beyond Immediate Repairs

The next factor to consider when weighing repairs versus replacement of course comes down to the problems which extend beyond your immediate need for repairs. If your grill is older or has been damaged in some way physically, you might have other problems which are waiting to cause another failure of your grill in the months ahead—which means that repairing now will only be part of the cost you’ll spend keeping your grill operating in the next year.

If your grill is showing signs of structural weakness from age or due to some incident—perhaps what lead to the original need for repairs—you especially don’t want to take risks on a catastrophic failure while it’s full of hot coals, and would need to invest in repairing that as well (if it is even possible for your model of grill).

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Grill Anyway?

Wish you had a better grill anyway? Are there features on a grill that you have been dreaming about? You might have an older grill which lacks modern features you desire or wastes fuel through inefficient design. These, too, can push the balance of your decision towards replacement over repair. Maybe this is a great time to compare the cost of a repair versus an upgrade.  

When Should I Repair My Grill, Then?

As you might have surmised, replacing or upgrading your grill is often a sound investment over repairing it, but this isn’t universal. If you’ve invested significantly into a high-quality grill, and it isn’t particularly old, then repairing becomes a far more worthwhile investment of funds, because the cost of repairs isn’t going to go up substantially even if the value of the grill does.

Minor problems can also be a job best left to repairs, though once a repair rises to the level of requiring a technician the math starts to change. Just be sure not to try risky DIY repairs and expose yourself to serious fire hazards.

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Learn More About Repairs & Grill Replacement from Breakaway

If you live in the Cape Cod area, you can reach out to the team at Breakaway for help deciding whether to repair or replace your grill. Explain your situation to us and we will give you our recommendation on what we think you should do. The grill experts at Breakaway can help you with repairs or help you find the perfect replacement for your current grill within your budget. We sell all types of grill products. This includes gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, electric grills, portable grills, and griddle grills. Contact us online, call us at 508-398-3831, or visit our grill showrooms in South Dennis or Mashpee today!



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