Why You Need to Add a Gas Fire Pit Table to Your Cape Cod Home

Do you have a fire pit at home? If not—and maybe even if you do—then it’s worth considering the benefits of adding a sleek, modern gas fire pit table to your Cape Cod home’s exterior. Also known as a fire table or gas fire table, this style of fire pit offers a more enclosed, modernized approach to the traditional fire pit, complete with a surface you can use as a table while you sit with friends and family.

Today, let’s take a look at all the reasons homeowners are choosing fire tables for their next outdoor upgrade. Continue reading this blog post from Breakaway to learn more.

8 Reasons to Consider a Gas Fire Pit Table

1. Fire pit tables don’t need much space

A gas fire pit table takes up substantially less space than most traditional fire pits, while offering nearly all of the same benefits. In exchange for looking a bit less traditional or primal, you get a convenient fire pit you can set up nearly anywhere you have space outdoors. The smallest fire tables don’t need much more space than a large grill, even if you include seating.

2. You can eat on, and around, your fire pit table

A gas fire table can serve double duty as a table for eating on or around, or as a simple coffee table when it’s not heated up. This makes them extremely convenient for limited outdoor spaces, or if you simply hate to clutter up your yard with a bunch of redundant appliances and furniture.

3. Fire pit tables look great

Modern fire tables look far sleeker and more stylish than most similar gas fire pits, while looking interesting in a way that a simple coffee table or outdoor bar might not. If you want to add a bit of interesting flair to your home, while staying more modern in aesthetic than most fire pit designs, a gas fire pit table is exactly what you need.

4. Fire pit tables are available in a wide range of sizes and costs

While we’ve focused on smaller units to this point, fire pit tables come in a huge variety of sizes and designs to fit your budget and preferences. If you want a fire pit table the size of a picnic table, with features and cost to match, then that’s an option! If you just need a tiny table for you and one or two other people to relax at in the evening, that’s an option!

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5. Fire pit tables are very durable

You can count on a fire pit table to last for years and years as long as you take care of it, thanks to high-quality materials and rugged construction standards. After all, if they were poorly designed they would corrode and break down quickly thanks to the combustion. While they look more like sleek furniture in many cases, gas fire tables are built tough like a grill or standard fire pit.

6. Fire pit tables can be used with or without fire

One of the biggest appeals of a fire pit table is that they’re valuable and appealing even when you’re not using the fire. In this case, you simply have a rugged, interesting-looking tabletop you can sit at to eat or enjoy drinks, even if the weather or the cost of gas has you avoiding using the flames all the time. It’s perhaps the biggest advantage a fire table offers over a traditional pit.

7. Fire pit tables are popular in both residential and commercial spaces

Because they’re more enclosed and require less space in general, a fire pit table works very well in commercial spaces where you might otherwise not be able to make use of a fire pit due to building codes, available space, or safety concerns.

8. Fire pit tables are available in natural gas or propane

Another great added convenience for a fire pit table is that they come with options for natural gas or propane hook-ups. So, you can use the fuel source you have available to you at your home. This is similar to a BBQ grill, which often come with natural gas or LP fuel sources.

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