Top Reasons to Buy A Gas Griddle

Considering buying a gas griddle for your Cape Cod, MA home? There are a lot of good reasons to pick up a gas griddle if you don’t already have ready access to a high quality griddle. Gas griddles are in contention with other products like our grills. You may also just be thinking about getting one as an alternative cooking option. We’ll take a closer look at some of those reasons to buy a gas griddle in this blog post. But first, let’s cover the basics of what a gas griddle is and what it aims to offer you.

Basics of Gas Griddles

What is a gas griddle? A gas griddle is largely the same in purpose and appearance as a flat top grill. Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably. But, there can be differences worth noting in how exactly the flat cooking surface is heated. Mostly, you’re fine treating them as the same thing.

Unlike a traditional grill, a griddle features a single flat cooking surface without bars or ridges, and with no direct exposure to the flame or heat source, nor to any sort of smoke or combustion byproducts. You can expect food cooked on a gas griddle to lack the classic grill taste for this reason, for better or worse, and to lack grill lines. However, there are many other benefits to purchasing a gas griddle for your home. Continue reading below to learn the top reasons that buying a gas griddle is right for you and your Cape Cod home. After reading this article, we believe that you will feel confident that buying a gas griddle would be a great addition to your grilling arsenal.

Top Reasons You Should Buy a Gas Griddle


A gas griddle is relatively portable, even larger ones, as the gas fuel source can easily be transported alongside the griddle allowing you to use it anywhere you like—a benefit over electrical griddles or griddles built in to your kitchen. They’re also relatively easy to transport even compared to other grills, as they tend to be of lighter construction as they don’t need to a big heavy lid to do their best work. Gas griddles are commonly transported for events, tailgates, or even cookouts with friends and family.


Possibly the strongest argument for choosing a griddle over a grill or any similar cooking surface is, of course, versatility. There’s a reason commercial kitchens cook so much of their food on griddles: they can tackle anything effectively, from pancakes to smash burgers to vegetables to luxurious steaks. If you want to be able to grill food other than your traditional meats (burgers, steaks, hot dogs, etc), then a gas griddle could be for you. With a flat surface (and without the grates that open to a flame), the options for grilling foods are limitless. You’ll never get bored with grilling different new foods on the griddle.


Like an electric grill, a gas griddle doesn’t expose your food to the unhealthy combustion byproducts a traditional grill would—so if you’re trying to be very careful about what you eat, it’s a smart pick. You might also find you eat more balanced meals with a griddle, simply because it’s easy to cook a wide variety of different food items on a griddle simultaneously.

Easy Cleaning

The nature of a griddle, as a single flat heating surface, makes it far easier to clean than any grill, whether that’s a grill over open flame or just a ridged electric cooking surface. That means no cleaning the grates or worrying about the cleanliness of the inside of the grill. If you hate needing to spend a lot of time on cleanup, this alone makes a gas griddle a strong contender.

Different from a Grill

You might choose a gas griddle for differences which don’t necessarily make it better or worse than a grill or any other cooking surface. But, it’s just different! For example, a gas griddle doesn’t leave grill lines on food. If you like grill lines, this is a downside, but of course you can get a nice maillard reaction across the breadth of your meat all the same with a griddle.

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So, Should You Buy A Gas Griddle?

Is a gas griddle right for you and your Cape Cod home or cottage? Should you replace your current grill or just add a griddle to complement it? Ultimately, you’re going to have to assess your own needs and preferences for a grill when deciding whether a gas griddle is your best buy. Want a healthy cooktop you can use for all sorts of things, and you can take it anywhere on its wheels or in your vehicle? A gas griddle is great. Looking for grill lines and a smokey grill taste? Consider a traditional grill instead—at least for now, since having both is great for versatility.

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