What is the Best Grill to Buy?

So, you’re looking to buy a grill. And, you ask yourself or you type in a Google search, “What is the best grill to buy?” Well, let’s begin with a simple answer to your question: There is no such thing as the best grill, only the best grill for your needs, preferences, and constraints. You need a grill that can do what you want with the time and money you’re willing or able to invest. So to begin, let’s look at your options. Please note, some of these grill types will overlap. For example, a portable grill might be a gas grill with its benefits and limitations. Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the best grill to buy for your home.

What is the Best Grill to Buy for Your Cape Cod, MA Home?

Gas Grills

Are gas grills the best grill to buy?

When you’re looking for pure convenience in a full-sized grill, it’s hard to argue with gas grills. Quick to heat up, easy to control, easy to clean, and frequently feature-rich with other cooking tools, a gas grill has become a staple of many homes for good reason. Here are some of the top benefits of a gas grill type:

Instant Ignition and Higher Heat

Gas grills are the most convenient way to cook with a grill. They provide instant heat, as opposed to charcoal grills or pellet grills, which take longer to ignite. With gas grills, you simply push a button or turn a knob to start the grill. Gas grills also reach desired temperatures much quicker than those charcoal and pellet grills. Many gas grills can reach between 700 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. So, your total cooking and preparation time is much shorter than other grilling methods.

Great Heating Controls

A big benefit of a gas grill is a fast preheat, which allows the grill to reach desired temperatures soon after they’re lit. Cooking grates will preheat fairly quickly as well. Gas grills also offer temperature controls. With the option of multiple burners on a gas grill, you can spread temperatures across your grill to create different cooking zones.

Gas Grills Offer Indirect Heating

Gas grills don’t only offer high heat. As mentioned in the previous bullet, gas grills can create indirect heating. This is possible on grill models with multiple burners.

Gas Grills Are Stylish & Customizable

With gas grills, there are so many models, styles, configurations, and accessories available. You can customize your grill in any way you like – giving you the ability to buy the outdoor grill which fits you and your home perfectly.

What are the Disadvantages of Gas Grills?

While these may not really be disadvantages, these are some things you should keep in mind about gas grills. You’re looking at a pricier investment than many of the others on this list. You’re working with the problems and risks inherent to flammable gas. And, your temperatures are lower at the peak than what charcoal can provide. Plus, if you’re looking for that traditional smokey charcoal flavor, you won’t be getting that, either.

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Charcoal Grills

Are charcoal grills the best grill to buy?

Charcoal grills are often considered the best overall option for people who search for “What is the best grill to buy?”. Inexpensive, versatile, hotter, capable of smoking, and low-maintenance, a gas grill can accomplish pretty much anything you want a grill for without costing a lot in the process. Here are some of the top advantages of charcoal grills:

Maximum Heat

While gas grills can reach high cooking temperatures, charcoal grills have no max temperature setting. You can get them as hot as you desire (although, please be careful!).

Multiple Cooking Options

Charcoal grills can produce multiple cooking methods, offering both direct infrared heat and indirect heat. There are also charcoal grill models, which can offer you the ability to grill, smoke, sear, bake, and more. You can also create dual cooking zones by banking some or all of the coals to one side.

Juicier Meats

When you place charcoal below food, it cooks using infrared heat. This results in less moisture loss when compared to other types of heat transfer. This means juicier, more delicious meats than what you will get from other grill types.

Wood Flavor Options

You can add wood flavors to your meats by adding wood chips to the top of the coals of your charcoal grill. There are many flavor options available for charcoal grills. You can experiment with different flavors and learn which ones you like best!

Charcoal Grills Are Less Expensive

Due to their simple design, charcoal grills do not have the same pricey components that other grill types will have. This means they are less expensive. Generally speaking, charcoal grills are almost always less expensive than gas grills. Although, not always, as there are some more expensive charcoal grills, such as Big Green Egg, which is a high-end charcoal grill model.

Charcoal Grill Owners Have a Sense of Pride

If you ask a charcoal grill owner, “What is the best grill to buy?”, chances are they will say to go charcoal. You will most likely get a sense that they are sold on the idea that charcoal grilling is the way to go. There is a sense of pride among charcoal grill enthusiasts, and the skill is often passed down from one generation to another.

What are the Disadvantages of Charcoal Grills?

Many places will ban charcoal grills specifically, even if the rest on this list are allowed, as they can present a relatively high degree of fire risk. Charcoal is also a bit slower to get started than other options, and leave a lot of mess for clean up, so they’re a weak choice if you’re in a hurry. Charcoal grilling is an event, and sometimes an all-day affair, so don’t buy this grill if you’re looking to quickly grill your meats.

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Portable Grills

Portable grill at a tailgate on Cape Cod, MA

Another common answer to the “What is the best grill to buy” question has to do with portability. Portable grills are quick to heat, inexpensive, and can travel easily for camping, cooking at a friend’s house, or special events. Here is a rundown of the top benefits of portable grills:

They’re Portable!

As you might have guessed, portable grills a portable, light in weight, and you can bring them with you anywhere. They are usually small enough to fit into the back of your SUV or truck. Oftentimes, portable grills are foldable and weigh less than 30 lbs.

Perfect for Small Groups & Parties

If you use a traditional grill, and you’re only cooking for one or two people, you end up using a lot of extra energy. You only use a small part of the grill, so you end up wasting energy. Portable grills can be a perfect size in terms of energy efficiency for smaller groups or individuals.

Very Reasonable Prices

Although there are some options which are expensive, with their smaller sizes, portable grills are often less expensive than a traditional grill.

What are the Disadvantages of a Portable Grill?

On the downside, of course, you’re dealing with a limited space for cooking, you’re usually going to have a lower maximum temperature than a full-sized grill with the same technology. You might also find lower-end portable grills more likely to break down as they try to cut weight, especially since you’re likely to move it around a lot more than a full-sized grill.

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Electric Grills

electric grills on cape cod, MA

Electric grills are similar to gas gills in their list of benefits, being easy to use and quick to heat. In fact, they heat faster, they’re even safer, they can be healthier if you’re worried about the effects of charcoal, and they can be safer than all other alternatives—while taking up less space, even for a full-sized and full-featured unit. Since there’s no combustion and no more smoke than normal stovetop cooking, electric grills can be used indoors safely. Here is more information on the benefits of an electric grill:

You Can Grill in More Places

Other grill types are often not allowed at condos, apartments, and some other dwelling types. Electric grills don’t fall into these restrictions due to the fact that they only use electricity. They use radiant heat instead of actual fire. They also won’t generate as much smoke. They won’t give off any smoke unless fat drippings hit the heating elements.

Electric is More Convenient Than Other Fuel Types

With an electric grill, there is no propane tanks, wood pellets, or charcoal needed. You just need to plug into an available electrical outlet.

Electric Grills Are Easy to Clean

With no charcoal or actual fire, that means you won’t have any ash to clean up. Also, components like grill grates and heating elements are usually removable and dishwasher-safe.

What are the Disadvantages for Electric Grills?

On the downside, you’re not getting quite the same flavor as even what a gas grill could, you’re going to need an outlet, and they can be surprisingly power hungry.

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Pellet Grills & Smokers

Wood pellet grills are an interesting choice. They have perhaps the most precise temperature control features of the grills which still produce a true grill taste, they heat up very quickly, they cook evenly across the surface without creating hot spots, and since a wood pellet grill is the same thing as a wood pellet smoker, you can drop the temperature and smoke up perfect barbeque whenever you like. Pellet grills also offer a unique flavor as a result—all those smoke flavors like mesquite that you enjoy on meat products, you can now impart on what you’re grilling. Here is a little more information on the biggest benefits of buying a pellet grill:

Pellet Grills Feature Effortless Ignition

For most pellet grills, they feature ignition that is effortless. Ignite the grill with the touch of a button. There is also oftentimes a wireless connectivity component to these grills, giving you the ability to control the grill from your smartphone via an app.

The Most Even Heat of Any Grill Type

Pellet grills act as an oven or smoke chamber, which provides even heat through every inch of the grill. This is most even heat you will find of any grill type.

Pellets Create an Awesome Smoke Flavor

With pellet grills, you can use a wide variety of flavors for your pellets. Some examples of flavors available are apple, bourbon, hickory, mesquite, pecan, and cherry.

Are There Disadvantages to Pellet Grills?

As a downside, wood pellet grills need electricity AND are low-mobility to begin with, they can quickly get pricy for comparable features, and wood pellets aren’t as easy to find on short notice as the alternatives, so you need to plan ahead.

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Gas Griddles

A griddle or flat-top grill is worthy consideration if you’re looking at grill options. It’s largely going to offer the same experience as an electric grill, in that it won’t offer the familiar grill taste, but it can run on any fuel source. Here are some more benefits of a gas griddle:

You Can Cook Other Foods

Gas griddles are best used for cooking foods that you just wouldn’t be able to cook on traditional grill. This is a result of griddles featuring consistent heat across a large, flat cooking surface. There are no grates. So, you can cook foods like eggs, pancakes, rice, fajitas, corn beef hash, hash browns, bacon, sausage, and much more. This really opens up the amount of foods you can cook. In addition to those foods previously mentioned, you can also cook the typical foods and meats you typically would on a gas or charcoal grill

Multiple Shapes and Sizes

Due to being simple pieces of cooking equipment, gas griddles usually come in a number of shapes and size. There are freestanding griddles, as well as inserts which can attach to your gas grill.

What are the Disadvantages of Gas Griddles?

A griddle doesn’t have ridges like a grill, so it won’t give you char lines or create any of the other distinctive markings of grilling—instead, it will heat surfaces evenly at a lower temperature. You can thus use a griddle for a nice steak and then turn around and use it for making pancakes. It’s also much easier to clean, since it’s a flat surface.

How to Make Your Grill Choice

To decide what’s right when you ask yourself “What is the best grill to buy?”, consider the factors we’ve discussed: food taste, portability, access to fuel, clean-up time, prep time, cost. The best grill is the one which meets the most of your preferences possible with the minimum number of compromises—though in many cases, you can pick cost as your only compromise point and get pretty close to your ideal target.

Breakaway: Your Guides to Grill Buying on Cape Cod

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