More Time Spent at Home? Improve Your Indoor Space With A Gas Fireplace

Most people enjoy spending time in their homes. It’s a place of rest and respite, and a place you can spend time with the family uninterrupted. And, that has become so much more important this year with how much time we are all staying at our Cape Cod, MA homes. But just because you like something doesn’t mean it can’t be improved! If you’re looking for a way to bolster the comfort of your home and add a bit of flair to your indoor space, the team at Breakaway has just the thing: a gas fireplace installation.

Why Install a Gas Fireplace at Your Cape Cod Home?

For most of us, investment needs a purpose. It has to pay us back in one way or another, be it via quality of life improvements, a return on the investment, or fulfilling a need. If an investment doesn’t tick off at least one of these, then it’s not really worthwhile. So how does a gas fireplace stack up to these paybacks? It fits all three.

Gas Fireplaces Offer Quality of Life Improvements

With all of the time we’re spending indoors nowadays, plenty of us are turning our attention to the look and feel of our homes. We’re stuck in here, and we are noticing all kinds of things that need improving upon! Gas fireplaces provide a level of cozy detail, ambiance, and design appeal that few other home installations can offer.

If you’re looking to invest in your indoor living environment or you need a new way to enjoy your home, you’ll find precisely what you need with a new gas fireplace installation.

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Gas Fireplaces Add Home Value

Installing a gas fireplace itself adds considerable home value. Fireplaces are highly sought-after, meaning if you were on the fence about getting a gas fireplace then this is definitely a point worthy of your consideration. The National Association of Real Estate Appraisers has gone on record saying that adding a gas fireplace to a home can add up to 10% to the resale value. And that’s not even factoring in the visual appeal and first-impression boosting aspects of a gorgeous gas fireplace installation.

Gas Fireplaces Provide Substantial Home Heating

Adding an auxiliary source of heat in your home means a monumental change in your home comfort, often in ways you didn’t even know you needed. Gas fireplaces are awesome for dealing with two common cold weather pain points:

  • Great warmth on cool days – You know those days when it’s cold enough to need a blanket and sweater, but not quite cold enough to justify kicking the furnace into high-gear? Gas fireplaces solve your need with cost-efficient and comforting ease.
  • Added heating on frigid nights – Sometimes even with the furnace or boiler working overtime you still get a chill. If you’ve never experienced heat produced by a gas fireplace, the warmth is absolutely superb. Bone-deep warmth, right in the comfort of your living space.

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Get a Gas Fireplace on Cape Cod with Breakaway!

Once you’ve decided a gas fireplace is the right move for you, the next step is to connect with a supplier that offers quality solutions at competitive prices. Breakaway has you covered! We offer a range of top-class gas fireplace products, as well as other home heat-enhancers and appliances. In addition, we provide repair, maintenance, and replacement for gas fireplaces as well.

Contact us today to find out more about our gas fireplaces on Cape Cod, or call to discuss your needs with one of our gas fireplace specialist!

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