How to Pick the Right Standby Generator for Your Home

Standby, or “whole-home” generators can be the difference between hours or days of struggle without power, and skating through the experience with no stress or damage. On Cape Cod, this is a very valuable advantage to have! But after you’ve decided that a home standby generator is the way to go, you have an important decision to make: Which generator do you choose?

There are nearly countless standby generators, brands, models, and sizes to choose from. But before you let the possibilities overwhelm you, take a breath. Breakaway is here to help, and this how-to guide will provide you with everything you need to know in order to select the ideal generator for Cape Cod.

Selecting a Fuel Source for Standby Generators

Installed standby generators can operate on either natural gas or liquid propane. If you already rely on natural gas in your home then incorporating a natural gas standby generator is the clear choice because you already have what you need. However, for those that do not have access to natural gas, or those that simply prefer the clean burn of propane, a propane standby generator may be preferred. We want to stress that there is no wrong answer here. It’s almost entirely up to preference, fuel availability, and convenience!

Choosing a Standby Generator Brand

There are many brands out there, but if you take a look around you’ll notice one or two names are far more common than the others. Our generator experts agree with the general consensus among generator contractors: if you want quality, choose either Generac generators, or Kohler generators. Both of these brands have been around for decades, and both have a strong reputation for reliable generators that perform at the highest standards.

How to Calculate the Size of Standby Generator You Need

The size of a generator is determined by its wattage, or how much power it can put out during normal operation. Because the generator will be tying into circuits within your main breaker panel, you need to know how much power you want to draw. By this we mean that you need to choose what systems you want powered during an outage in order to determine generator size.

What Do You Want Your Backup Generator to Power?

Either on your own, with the aid of an electrician, or with the aid of a generator expert, go through your home and create a list of all of the items you want powered. Some of the most important electrical systems in a home include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Lights
  • Ovens and microwaves
  • Sump pumps
  • Computers and routers
  • Clothes washers and dryers

Each of these items will have a wattage tied to it—this is how much power the appliance draws during operation. Using these numbers you can determine your electrical load, and can more accurately find the generator that meets your needs. If you want a generator that just keeps the basic running, or a generator that can power your entire home, you can get it. Obviously, the more wattage you require, the more powerful and expensive generator you will need.

Choose Breakaway for Standby Generators on Cape Cod

At Breakaway our team understands that selecting the right generator for your home is extremely important. We make it our top priority to ensure that our clients not only get the right product, but also understand the how and why. We will carefully learn your unique needs, discuss your options with you, and assist you in choosing the perfect standby generator.

Once you have chosen the right standby generator solution for your Cape Cod home, we will also perform the generator installation through our parent company, Hall Oil Gas and Electric. From start to finish, we can take care of the entire backup generator sales and installation process.

Need any other heating products installed at your home or Cape Cod cottage? Breakaway performs maintenance, repair, and tune-ups for gas fireplaces, gas inserts, gas log sets, and decorative gas stoves too.

Reach us online below to learn more about our standby generator products on Cape Cod. You can also visit us at our South Dennis and Mashpee store locations or call (508) 398-3831 to talk to an expert now!

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