How to Choose the Right Electric Grill

Your Guide to Buying an Electric Grill

Electric grills offer cooking speed and convenience that is absolutely ideal for impromptu cookouts and planned block parties alike. But if you’re only recently in the market for a new electric grill, you may be feeling a bit put out and lost. Don’t stress—the long-time grilling experts at Breakaway are here to offer up a straightforward guide for buying an electric grill.

Understand Common Electric Grill Types

When you think about a gas grill the image your mind conjures up is likely a large, countertop-sized cooking beast. Electric grills can certainly fill this space, too. But there are many more options you will want to be aware of while shopping for an electric grill. Electric grills can include:

  • Clamshell electric grills. Clamshell grills (or clamshell griddles) use an electrically-heated cooking surface and an attached griddle plate that can be closed onto food. You’ve likely seen this at work on a small scale with a panini press, or a Foreman in-home grill.
  • Outdoor electric grills. Open-faced contact electric grills essentially mimic a propane grill in appearance, and are typically used outdoors in the same applications.
  • Portable grills. Electric grills are the go-to grilling choice when you’re seeking portability. Because of this, many smaller 2-6 person portable grills are electrically-fuelled.

Size Your Electric Grill Appropriately

Choosing the size of your grill should primarily be tied to your intentions with the grill. Feeding your family, and maybe a friend or two? If so, you needn’t shell out for a commercial-grade monster. Grill size is most commonly expressed by measuring the cooking surface, which will use square inches.

Here’s a basic breakdown:

  • 200 sq in – Most grills of this size will be the smaller, portable grill options. These are good for small families, couples, etc.
  • 400 sq in – The “standard” size for family and friends grilling, a 400 sq in grill is capable of suiting most casual residential grilling needs.
  • 600 sq in – A 600 sq in grill would be ideal for a grilling enthusiast that likes a lot of working space and uses the grill often. Also sometimes seen in small businesses.
  • Anything higher – Typically only seen in commercial applications or in the backyard of a grilling master.

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Pick Your Features

Next you’ll want to make certain that the features that you choose will suit your needs. There are many additional features available in modern electric grills:

  • Strong heat controls. Digital controls tend to be more accurate in general, making digital over a dial the preference in many cases.
  • Temperature gauge. Exterior gauges are a great feature that allows for more accurate cooking with minimal lid lifting.
  • A solid temperature range. The maximum temperature you need depends on what you plan to cook—if your goal is to cook meat, it’s best to select an electric grill that provides 600 degrees.
  • Removable cooking plates. Removable plates make cleanup that much simpler, letting you take the cooking surface into the home for easy sink cleaning.

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Connect with Breakaway for Buying an Electric Grill on Cape Cod

For over 30 years Breakaway has been offering superior quality grills to Cape Cod homeowners. Whether you’re looking for a gas grill, a pellet grill, or you’re looking to enjoy the perks of a high-tech electric grill, we can offer you the selection you need.

We carry most top grill brands, including Weber, Broil King, Big Green Egg, Napoleon, MHP, and many more. Our full-service grill pricing includes the assembly of your grill, delivery, a propane tank (or natural gas hose), and we’ll even recycle your old cart style grill too. A lot of other grill stores, and big box stores, won’t offer this kind of service. At Breakaway, we take pride in offering convenience to our customers.

Our wide range of portable grills and outdoor/indoor electric grills will ensure you’re always adequately equipped for those balmy Cape Cod summers!

Contact us online or check out our product guides to find out more about buying an electric grill. You can also reach us by visiting our store locations at South Dennis or Mashpee, or call (508) 398-3831!

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