Why You Should Choose Breakaway For Your Cape Cod Summer Rental Home’s Grill Purchase

Summer on the Cape is a wonderful time of year. For many New Englanders and northeasterners, Cape Cod is the preferred summer destination for family vacations. Whether you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, or another nearby state, Cape Cod has plenty of people who come for its summer season. And, many of these folks have vacation homes or cottages that they rent to other vacationers. With that purchase of a rental home, you need to make sure it is furnished and stocked with the necessities that people will expect of a Cape Cod cottage. One of these items that is so important is a grill for your summer rental home.

Now, buying a grill is hard enough when you live local. There are so many grill buying questions to consider. But, for the homeowners who rent out their vacation homes, it can get even more complicated and stressful. So, what is the best way to buy your grill for your summer rental home? Continue reading this blog post to learn why Breakaway is the best option for removing the hassle out of buying a grill for your summer rental home.

The Benefits of Using a Local Retailer Like Breakaway as Your Summer Rental’s Grill Supplier

1. Assembly, Delivery & Disposal of your Old Grill

If you don’t live directly on the Cape but own a second home or cottage that you rent, you might not make it up to your rental home regularly. Without being here, it can seem difficult to figure out how to buy a grill (or other items) and get it safely to the home. A grill is a large purchase and you can be on the hook for picking it up or fully assembling it if you work with other stores. You would also oftentimes need to dispose of an old grill separately.

But, what if there was an easier way to buy a grill? What if you didn’t need to worry about assembly, delivery or disposal? With Breakaway, there is a better way! For our cart-style grills, we offer a full-service option, where we will assemble your new grill, deliver it to your home, and then dispose your old cart-style grill. We will also provide a brand new, full propane tank if your grill requires propane. If you buy a natural gas grill, we will provide a new natural gas hose.

2. You Don’t Have to Be Home

If you live off-Cape, we can do all of this for you without you being here. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will deliver the grill without anyone being home. When you or your guests arrive for the summer, the grill will be ready. Plus, if your existing grill has an issue during a guest’s stay, we can act quickly. Working with our Breakaway team, you can purchase a brand new grill and we can assemble and deliver it to the home to keep your guests happy. Or, if it is just a repair problem, Breakaway repairs grills too.

We do all of this for many of our customers who live outside of Cape Cod. This means that we can take care of everything in regards to the grill for your summer rental home. You don’t need to travel to the Cape to cross this to-do item off your list. One less thing to worry about.

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3. We Deliver All Over Cape Cod

No matter where your Cape Cod rental home is located, we can probably deliver your new grill to your summer rental home. We perform this full-service delivery for most towns on the Cape. You can check out our Service Areas page to learn if your town is included. And, if it’s not, ask us if we can deliver to your town. It’s quite possible, we might be able to do so.

4. Increase Your Rental Appeal

As anyone can probably attest, one of the necessities that a summer vacation home rental needs is a nice grill. Can you imagine a summer night at a Cape Cod cottage without a grill? We can’t either. Make your summer rental more desirable than your neighbors’ rentals by putting in a nice grill that vacationers will flock to.

5. Wide Selection of Grills and Other Patio Products

Breakaway is truly Cape Cod’s #1 grill and patio superstore. We have the most diverse lineup of grills in stock, or available for special order. If it’s out there, we can probably get it for you. We carry such grill brands as Weber, Napoleon, Big Green Egg, Saber, Broil King, and more. As for grill types, we have them all: gas (either propane or natural gas), charcoal, electric, pellet, or portable grills. So, whatever kind of grill you need, we can take care of you.

In addition to our grill selection, we have a number of other patio products and heating systems that you might want to explore. How desirable would your Cape Cod rental be for customers if you installed a fire pit? We’ve got those. Want an outdoor cooker for all of the lobster that your guests will be eating? In addition, you could even look into heating products for those breezy summer nights or for guests visiting in the fall. This includes gas fireplaces, gas logs, gas inserts, or decorative gas stoves. Up your game with any of these items and get additional rental income as vacationers line up to book your vacation home.

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Breakaway: Cape Cod’s #1 Grill Resource for Summer Rental Owners

Breakaway is proud to be the top grill store on Cape Cod. If you are a summer rental owner and are in need of grilling products, we can be a great local resource. Our full-service options offer convenience to the homeowner who doesn’t live here full-time and needs a reliable company to help them. Therefore, should you or your guests need anything relating to the grill on your property, we can help!

We have been a fixture in the Cape Cod community since 1987. Our parent company, Hall Oil Gas & Electric, has been around since 1918. As a result, we are proud of our trusted relationship with our customers and community. If you have any questions about our process or products, contact us online or call us at 508-398-3831. Or, if you’re in the area visiting your summer home, you can either stop at either of our South Dennis or Mashpee store locations to speak with a Breakaway representative.


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