Top 5 Tailgate Grills for Football Season

There are few better reminders that we have departed summer for fall than the start of football season. Football is one of America’s great passions. For many of us, it takes up the majority of our Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (and well, Mondays and Thursdays too). If we are not at home watching on TV, people are out supporting their favorite teams live and in person. But, watching the games is not the whole ballgame. This is also an opportunity to get together with family and friends to celebrate. Tailgating is a ritual for a lot of people. It is a part of the experience. And, if you are a professional at it, you are going to need one of the many portable tailgate grills to cook up food for your tailgate.

Not just any grill will do though. You need to make sure you have one that can handle your party. Whether you are headed to Foxboro for a Patriots’ game or your alma-mater’s college football game, there are a few grills you should consider. Here are 5 of the best tailgate grills out there:

The Top 5 Tailgate Grills for Football Season:

  • Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber Smokey JoeOne of the easiest grills you can use for your tailgate party is the Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill. It is small, very affordable, and very portable. It is easy to load into your vehicle due to its simplicity and compact size. Using charcoal – you don’t need to have access to a power source. This tailgate grill is easy to clean too, so you can spend more time partying with friends and less time breaking down your grill. It is made so that it can survive harsh weather. Football doesn’t stop for rain or snow, so neither should your tailgate. For true charcoal enthusiasts, consider upgrading to the Big Green Egg Mini Max instead.

  • Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

The Weber Go-Anywhere Grill is another great option for your next tailgate. It is a little bit bigger than the Smokey Joe, but also really affordable. This tailgate grill is also designed for compactness, making it very portable and easy to put into the back of your truck or SUV to travel to the tailgate. The Go-Anywhere grill makes less of a mess than a lot of other options, making it easy to clean up before you head in for the start of the game.

  • Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5

Prefer slow cooking BBQ instead of just grilling burgers and dogs? Maybe the Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5 is for you. It is a portable version of Weber’s bullet smoker, so you can serve up pulled pork, ribs, wings, or brisket. This grill has two cooking grids, so it actually has more cooking space than most other tailgate grill options. It also fits easily into a trunk or back of a truck/SUV, allowing for easy transport to the game.

The Smokey Mountain 14.5 has such a space-saving design, so it can be easily taken apart, moved, and stored when not in use. This means you will be able to easily set up your tailgate at the start of the day and break it down at the end. So, more time grilling and hanging out with friends versus dealing with your grill.

  • Weber Q Portable Electric Grill

Another great option for a tailgate grill is the Weber Q Portable Electric Grill. This grill is made for tailgating, with its super compact design. It can fit in any vehicle – even smaller cars – for easy travel to the tailgate. Unlike some of the other charcoal tailgate grills, the Weber Q is extremely sturdy. With its size and how low to the ground it is, you will never have a problem with the grill possibly tipping over. So you can spend more time enjoying yourself with your family and friends.

The grill is made durable, so it will be around for a lot of tailgates. Plus, when the weather gets bad, the Weber Q will continue doing its job for you. Another common attribute for tailgate grills – ease of cleaning. The Weber Q is very easy to clean. The cooking surface is a little bit bigger than the Smokey Joe or Go-Anywhere grills.

  • Broil King Keg 5000 Charcoal Grill

The Broil King Keg 5000 is a steel kamado with the same capabilities of a ceramic grill, but weighs much less – making it easier to transport from your home to the tailgate and back. It can even be outfitted to connect to your trailer hitch, which will make it even easier to move. The Keg 5000 has the most cooking space on this list. It has a secondary chrome coated cooking rack, giving it over 480 square inches.

Want to cook low and slow? Or high and fast? Whether you have a lot of time or you’re late to the tailgate, these tailgate grills have the versatility you need to get the job done. Broil King calls this “The Ultimate Tailgate Grill” and it is easy to see why.

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