9 Signs You Need to Buy a New Grill

When large appliances start to break down, no one likes to admit that it is time to buy a new one. These are large purchases that often require lots of savings. As a result, you should not buy a new one on a whim, without weighing your options. Know the proper signs that it is time for a new appliance versus repairing. This goes for household appliances, like refrigerators, stoves, or washing machines. And, it is the same for outdoor grills. When a grill starts to have issues, you may be able to repair it. However, oftentimes, this can be costly. It may be more beneficial to just buy a new grill than to go through a cycle of constant future grill repairs.

Breakaway wants to make it easy for you to know when you need to buy a new grill. So, we have compiled a list of the top warning signs that your grill is nearing the end of its life. If you pay attention to this list, you can start to budget for that new grill, when it finally does reach the end. Don’t get caught off-guard with a big purchase next summer. Here are 9 signs that you might need to buy a new grill:

The Top 9 Signs You Need to Buy a New Grill:

  1. Rusty or Damaged Grids

what are the signs you need to buy a new grill?Rusty grates can contaminate your food. Damaged grates can impact your cooking experience. First, try brushing the grids to see if you can get the rust off. If not, you can probably replace your grill grates. However, if you have an older grill, it is possible that the parts will no longer be under warranty. Call a grill superstore like Breakaway to find out how much these grill parts might cost you. If it is too much, it may be time to start thinking about buying a new one.

  1. You Need Parts and Repair that Would Cost More Than a New Grill

When your grill parts start to fail, you need to ask yourself if the costs of parts and labor is too expensive? Or, if you should just invest in a brand-new grill? Every situation is different, so it is important for you to consider the grill you own, how much you paid for it, and the cost of fixing it. It is possible that you have invested in a grill that cost thousands of dollars. In that case, it makes sense to invest in grill repair and new parts. However, if you own just a starter grill, the cost of parts and labor would probably cost more than a new grill. So, foregoing the grill repair and buying a brand new grill model makes sense.

  1. Uneven Flame

an uneven flame is a sign you need to buy a new grillIf your grill flame is lower than usual, or shooting out from the sides, that is an uneven flame. An uneven flame means that you have an issue with your grill burners. You can try cleaning them or get your burner replaced, if the grill is new enough. If it is an old or inexpensive grill, your best bet is probably to just get a new grill.

  1. Cracked Hoses or Connectors

If you suspect you have a gas or propane leak in your current grill’s hoses or connectors, you should stop using it immediately. You can try the soapy water test to see where the leak is located, whether coming from a hose, connector, or other spot. If the leak appears to be coming from a cracked hose or connector of the grill itself, then you should have the grill repaired or replaced. You can have a grill repair professional visit your home to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Or, if that will prove to be too costly, it may be time to buy a new grill.

  1. Igniter Problems

igniter problems are a sign you need to buy a new grillIn order to grill food, you need to actually start your grill (who could’ve ever imagined?!) Enter the grill igniter. This is what allows you to ignite the fire inside your grill. If you have any problems with your igniter, you will need to get that fixed. As with a lot of these signs, you need to look into the cost of replacing the igniter versus how much you paid for the grill. If repair will cost too much, buy a new grill instead.

  1. Grease Buildup

If enough grease builds up on your grill, it can become a huge fire hazard. You can try cleaning it, but if you are unable to solve the problem, then you will need to replace your grill with a new one. Hopefully, you will remember to clean your next grill to avoid this in the future!

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  1. Blocked Air Vents on Charcoal Grills

blocked air vents are a sign you need to buy a new grillUsing the air vents is a crucial part of correctly using a charcoal grill. Now, lots of people do not understand how to use them, as we discussed in our blog post about the top grilling mistakes. However, if you are a grilling pro, then you’re going to want to use those air vents. Hopefully you can unblock the air vents, but if not, you will need to replace the grill.

  1. Damaged External Structure

If you live in New England, your grill probably has faced some harsh weather. If you don’t have the luxury of a garage, chances are it is out in the snow, wind, heat, rain, and more. After a while, you can start to see flaking paint or holes in the grill’s external structure. When this happens, your grill is nearing its end and you should consider buying a new grill. Why? Flaking paint can lead to rust, which can lead to corrosion. This will lead to potential stability issues for your grill, which leads us into our final sign your need a new grill.

  1. Stability of Grill

This might be the easiest tell-tale sign that you need a new grill. If your grill isn’t stable, this can be dangerous. You do not want your grill to fall over while it is on. This would be a huge fire risk. It could cause serious damage to people, pets and patios. If there is any chance that this could happen, and it is not the result of being on unstable ground, you must address it. It would probably be way too difficult to repair. The way to address it, most likely, is by purchasing a new grill.

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