Big Box Stores vs Small Businesses: 8 Reasons You Should Buy Your Grill Local

When considering a large purchase, such as an appliance or grill, there are many factors to contemplate when you are choosing where to shop. This decision will usually come down to big box stores vs small businesses. The benefits of big box stores are prices and convenience. Oftentimes, big box retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart, will woo customers with low, low prices on grills and large floor spaces with tons of inventory to browse.

But, these factors shouldn’t be the only considerations when you are thinking about a new grill purchase. In fact, there are many positives to shopping local, and negatives to shopping at big box stores. Let’s review some of the reasons you might want to consider purchasing your grill at a local business instead of a big box store.

Big Box Stores vs Small Businesses: Top 8 Reasons You Should Buy Your Grill Local:

  • Big box stores often have inferior products vs small businesses

When purchasing a grill from Home Depot or Lowe’s, it is important to know that the product lines in big box stores are usually not the same as those available at your local retailers. To stock their huge stores, big box retailers often turn to foreign-made products. These products are typically mass produced and come from a different line that the manufacturer offers. This is in contrast to higher quality lines offered in specialized grill stores, like Breakaway. How do big box stores’ prices get so low? Big box stores demand price concessions from the manufacturer which causes the manufacturer to retool the grill in order to lessen the cost. Hence, you get the inferior grill product and lower price in the big box stores vs small businesses. You won’t get Home Depot or Lowe’s to admit this is what happens, but we know it does.

  • Local retailers have more knowledgeable & accessible sales staff

Have you been in a big box retail store and tried to find a salesperson to ask them a question? These stores tend to be really busy (and enormous) and on-the-floor sales people are few and far between. Worse, when you finally find someone, they may not even be knowledgeable of the department in which you had the question. In a local grill store, the staff is very attentive and knowledgeable about the products. Grills are the main product sold and employees are trained on what they are selling. It also helps that these local shops are much smaller in size. You cannot get lost in the store. The staff can easily find you and help you with your decision. Often in these local establishments, the owner is around the store as well. This is their business and they can answer any of your questions or concerns.

  • Custom orders are possible at local grill retailers

If you shop in a big box retail store and you’re interested in buying a very specific grill, and they don’t carry it, you’re probably out of luck. You probably cannot ask Home Depot or Lowe’s to custom order a grill for you. By contrast, at a local grill retailer, they work directly and have personal relationships with grill manufacturers. It would be very possible for them to make a custom order for you. Want that grill in one of the special colors they come in, but are not kept in stock? It’s possible to buy it at a local mom and pop.

  • Big box retailers do not usually install the products they sell

Another con that comes with shopping at big box stores vs small businesses is that the big box store does not always install the products they sell. So, if you wanted to buy and install a natural gas grill system through a big box grill retailer, the work would be sub-contracted to an outside vendor. If you have a problem with the installation, you will have to jump through hoops to rectify the issue. This is because the big box store is only responsible for the products they sold you, not the service that was provided. With a local grill retailer, they will most likely be doing the installation of the product you bought, so there are no other sub-contractors to deal with.

  • Additional charges or post-sale inconvenience at the big box store

In addition, grill delivery and grill disposal may not be included. Contrast this with Breakaway. In our price, we include assembly and delivery of the new grill, recycling and disposal of old cart-style grill, and a new propane tank (or natural gas hose). The big box stores pre-assemble grills. They are only sold that way. But, what if that is not convenient for you? Perhaps, you would prefer to receive the grill in a box, so you can fit it in your SUV and take it home. At most mom and pop grill retailers, there is flexibility at every turn and this situation would not be an issue. At Breakaway, we want you to be happy with your purchase and we will accommodate you wherever possible.

  • Access to grill repair services at the local shop

If you have a repair issue with a grill previously purchased from a big box retail store, oftentimes your only solution will be to contact the manufacturer directly. Hopefully, in this situation, you have a warranty, because the big box retailer will probably not be much help – unless you’ve purchased an additional warranty through that store. Conversely, if you buy from a local grill shop, they often have relationships with the grill manufacturers. These small box retail stores care about your business. They could very well go above and beyond to resolve your issue with the manufacturer. In addition, local grill retailers often offer grill repair services themselves.

  • Why shop local? Buying local supports the local economy

Are big box stores good for the economy? Big-box stores employ local people. However, they are not usually paid well. Buying from a big box retailer instead of a local option will siphon dollars out of the local economy. It will send the profits back to a corporate headquarters often located far away. Meanwhile, every time you make a purchase at a locally owned store, it sends economic benefits throughout the community. Local companies try to buy goods and services local as well, employing local lawyers, accountants, banks, and more. Plus, with the owners usually living in the area, a large portion of profits go back into the surrounding area.

You cannot underestimate the importance of supporting local businesses in your community. If you are looking for a reason why big box stores are bad for your community, here’s one. A study by Civic Economics in a Chicago neighborhood on big box stores effect on community found that $100 spent at an independent, local retailer created $68 in additional economic activity. This compared favorably to $43 additional economic activity from $100 spent at a big box retailer in the same neighborhood. This local business economic impact should be a major reason to not choose big box stores vs small businesses.

  • Local retailers give back more to local charities

Shopping local vs big box stores gives way more back to local charities and community organizations than big chain retailers do. This makes all the sense in the world for the same reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. Local businesses’ owners and employees live in these communities. The local charities will be more important to them than a giant corporation. Employees at a big box retailer will live in the communities too. However, Corporate America creates such red tape that these employees cannot have much of an impact on community service initiatives.

Breakaway is proud to be very active in the communities all over Cape Cod. We donate the services of The X-Grill to 50+ events every year, serving hot dogs and hamburgers to countless number of people to help raise money and awareness for each charity or non-profit.

Breakaway: Cape Cod’s #1 Grill & Patio Superstore

Breakaway is Cape Cod’s #1 grill superstore. With stores in South Dennis and Mashpee, we have everything you need to help you during your grill buying process. If you have to choose between big box stores vs small businesses, choose a small business like Breakaway. Our sales staff, or “grillologists”, are extremely knowledgeable and can assist you with all your grill questions and concerns. Working with manufacturers directly, we carry only the best and most popular grill types and brands, like Weber, Napoleon, MHP, Saber, and more. Breakaway can sell these grills and also installing them. Interested in a custom outdoor kitchen installation like Twin Eagles? We can walk you through this from start to finish.

Whatever your grill desire, Breakaway can help you make it a reality. Give us a call at 508-398-3831 or contact us for more information. Learn why when you compare big box stores vs small businesses, a company like Breakaway is the better choice for your grill.


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